Residential Moving

 Residential moving or as most people prefer to call it apartment or house moving is another primary service that Boston Movers Inc offers. Over the last one year, we have seen a rampant increase in the number of people who come to us looking for this service.

Here are some facts on what has helped us improve our operations and the reasons why we are among the top rated moving companies in the world.

New Trucks

We came to realize that the trucks we were used to carrying cargo for clients with were painting a negative image of our company to the prospective clients. We therefore decided to approach one of the investors who helped us to purchase more trucks for the company. Since then, we have managed to improve the quality of our house moving services greatly.

New Employees

We have a group of new employees whose main mandate is to make sure that we deliver good house moving services to all our customers consistently. After the recruitment process, we empower them with additional interpersonal skills that helps them to get it going with the clients and even when marketing our services.

We have also put together mechanisms that enable us to keep in touch with clients and collect feedback from them. This feedback is used to make decisions in the company.